The 1 year UMI course is a combined course of all 4 essential SLP(Short Learning Program) modules presented by Multi-Racial UMI these include:

  • Basic Deejaying UMI 001
  • Advance Deejaying UMI002
  • Music Production UMI003
  • Urban Keys UMI004

The course is more practical as it covers all the essential topics in urban music field and because the modules are done consecutively in a year it creates a 360 fluid and comprehensive understanding of the urban music industry within students

What the 4 modules are covered ?

  1. Basic Deejaying:

This module is designed to teach a total beginner all the basics of club DJ’ing as well as all the knowledge required to work as a mobile/club DJ.

Some subjects covered :

  • Equipment orientation
  • Buying equipment
  • Buying music
  • How to cue
  • Fading
  • Beat matching
  • Phrase matching
  • Rhythm matching
  • Mixing methods
  • How to blend
  • How to cut
  • Placements
  • Cd mixing
  • How to add a microphone

More details on UMI001 Deejay course

  1. Advance Deejaying:

This Module is designed to teach an amateur to intermediate Dj the advancements of the new age Djing set of club & performance DJ’ing through digital technology as well as all the knowledge required to take the average dj performance to the next level in line with the development of Dj technology.

Some Subjects covered in this module:

  • Introduction into the new digital technology
  • Maintaining the art of djing in the digital world (TRAKTOR SCRATCH)
  • Music organisation in digital
  • Controllers – the MIDI world
  • Live remixing on the fly
  • The Dj the new Conductor – starting a band

More details on UMI002 Advance Deejay course

  1. Music Production

This module is designed to teach a total beginner the fundamentals of setting up a home studio aswell as teaching the fundamentals of producing music through to creating a finished product in a personal studio.

Some subjects covered :

  • Setting up a Home studio and software
  • The music notification business
  • Basics Cubase – making a track
  • Using Reason and rewiring with Cubase
  • Samplers/ Vst Instruments(Kontact,NN19,)
  • Sampling like the pro’s (recycle,Rex files,HAlion, making sample banks)
  • Recording vocals & instruments
  • Mixing down creating a good mixdown(panning levels effects)
  • Audio Editing Wavelab
  • Mastering techniques
  • Effects modules
  • Compression
  • Delays
  • Reverb
  • Equalisation

More details on UMI003 Music Production course

  1. Urban Keys

Urban Keys module is dedicated to empowering the up and coming music producers with the basic introduction to urban music Keyboard playing.

Some Subjects Covered:

  • Introduction to Playing
  • C Position
  • The Grand Stuff
  • Playing C – G on the Stuff
  • Introduction to Chords
  • Expanding the 5th Finger Position
  • Scales and Chords – The Keys of C Major
  • The Keys of G Major
  • Finger Aerobics

More details on UMI004 Urban Keys course

The advantages of taking the full 1 year course simply outweighs the short courses in that it offers a fluid All-inOne learning curve in to the urban music industry and one saves on fees.

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