Having become a recognized brand in the music industry in the early 2000’s Multi–Racial Records  extended it’s services in 2003 to create a Mentoring and Skills exchange division the Urban Music Institute, the partners felt in order to create a sustainable urban music industry it was important to pass on the knowledge they had gained in the industry and present them through comprehensible & practical mentored courses. With the wide resourceful network Multi-Racial has established with many prominent players in the urban music industry, some of which passed through the very mentor guidelines of the original partners over the past 20 years, with its various departments within th group the Institute is preset on  a well balanced and guided platform to newcomers to the urban music industry.


Reggie *Malankane* Magofane
Dj Tutor

Bred from the era when vinyl was the norm in the Dj box, Malankane has grown and crafted his brand to be on of the most respected house dj’s from the capital, his experience and taste in the industry stretches over 20 years from all sides of urban music, having run 2 successful record stores and consistently releasing successful compilation releases for the past 10 years his eagerness to mentor and share knowledge is undeniable .

Thabang TEKNIQ Ntuli
Production/Urban Keys Tutor

Thabang is the prodigy of an emerging industry talent. Known for his stage name “TekniQ” in which it greatly describes his creative versatility in music, he has emerged in the wakes of the influence of localized jazz musicians and the South African Afro Pop culture,with his diploma in Sound engineer his musical journey has been mastered to a fine art which is reflected in his multitude of soulful releases . with his on going achievements as a solo artist and with the Gemini Boyz outfit in the music industry , he has gained respect and acknowledgement among his peers for his contribution to the industry with his djing and production skills which reflects his enthusiasm in tutoring the up n coming generation.

Sisco *Umlambo* Ribeiro
Advance Dj Tutor

 This Stalwart in the urban music industry of the capital has tirelessly contributed to the South African urban music scene over the past 27 years his undeniable talent was inevitably rewarded in 2002 when he was accepted into the  Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA), his mentoring and sharing of knowledge has shone through in many that have progressed to make a success in the South African urban music scene, his continual efforts to better the industry have gained him much respect in the house music circles.