This SLP(Short Learning Program) is designed to teach & mentor a total beginner through all the basics of DJ’ing as well as all the knowledge required to work as a mobile/club DJ. It involves a minimum of 16 hours with an experienced DJ/Tutor and another 16 hours of self study practical time on our state of the art equipment. We also offer our students the use of the equipment for extra practical sessions for the duration of the course, subject to availability. Our course is presented over a 2 month period and consists of a two hour class once a week and a two hour practical session once a week. You also have the option of doing your class and practical on the same day. Along with all the practical knowledge a student will acquire from time spent on the equipment the student will also receive our unique DJ manual that contains all the information we cover in the course and can be used as a reference manual after the course has been completed. We have seen that this course actually puts the student at such an advantage that he/she is actually on par with DJ”S that have been doing it for 4 years or more after just eight weeks. We give them that knowledge that would normally take them years to acquire through trial and error and probably some unnecessary expenses along the way as well. The course covers equipment orientation, beat mixing, phrase matching, placements, cueing and many more DJ techniques. The student will also write a theory exam and a practical exam that would give them their internationally recognised  South African Music Conference accredited certificate, provided they pass. Included in the price of the course we will give each student 1 demo field to source gigs. We try to create a relationship with our students and help them with music, gigs,equipment and as much after course service as we can. Our course is designed for the true music lover. On completion of this course students have an option to carry on with our music production course at a10% discount on the course. After one has finished the course he/she will be able to work as a club DJ,mobile disco DJ doing functions of any sort and even some radio DJ techniques are discussed. This course is not limited to any age ..No academic requirements apply either; the only requirement would be the love of music.

About the Sessions

A student is required to attend 1 Theory  (2hours) session and 1 practical (2hours) session a week!

Sessions and practical times are flexible and will be discussed with the student to arrange the best possible day and time for all parties! We do however urge students to stick to their arrangement once sessions and practical time has been agreed upon!

Sessions are one on one and can commence as soon as the first payment is made!

If a student wants to do some extra practice sessions, the studio is at their disposal free of charge! This will depend on the availability of the studio!

NB: Students are required to bring their own earphones ,this is vital as it is needed to apply practical time in this course

About the facilities

The classroom is a sound proof studio with state of the art equipment.

The equipment itself will be the Technics SL 1200 turntables, Technics, Pioneer djm mixer and Pioneer CDJ/XDJ 3 rekordbox players! These are top of the line and the industry standard for dj’s and clubs all over the world! We also expose students to other makes and models of equipment to give them the knowledge to work on other equipment.

About the Tutors

The sessions are presented by professional and experienced dj’s! We prefer to have one on one sessions to give every student individual attention and to develop a personal relationship with every student. This way we keep good track of a student’s progress and help out students with after course service and advice.

Some topics that are covered

Equipment orientation

Buying equipment

Buying music



Beat matching

Phrase matching

Rhythm matching

Mixing methods

How to blend

How to cut


Cd mixing

These topics will be explained thoroughly to the student by the Tutor and will be put in to practice by the student with mentoring from the Tutor!

These topics will also be included in the manual and will be available during the course after each chapter is finished!

Looking for a more advanced dj course check out the ADVANCE DJ UMI002 COURSE

What will a student receive?

Students will receive the 2 month course with a minimum of 16 hours with a lecturer and 16 hours of practical time!

Students will also receive the most conclusive dj manual in South Africa with a demo mix recording mixed by the student and on completion of the course, after writing a theory exam and doing a practical exam the student will receive an internationally recognised certificate accredited by SAMC(South African Music Conference) ! Plus we will help you out with finding the right equipment and music!

For course costing please see application form under course options